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(Subject/type) Emergency Safety Measures Evacuation Instruction Evacuation of the Elderly, Etc.
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2023年03月31日 15:39
    水戸地方気象台 発表



        茨城県 水戸地方気象台 共同発表


Information on evacuation currently being ordered

If evacuation information has been issued in the area in which you are staying, please ensure your safety by referring to the following.

Evacuation preparation
There is possibility that a disaster may occur in the subject areas. (An evacuation advice or order may be issued in the future.)
Please use the television, radio, internet, etc., and pay attention to the latest weather information or guidance from the municipality for your protection.
(Click here for the disaster manual)
In the case that you do not know the location of the evacuation center, please confirm with the municipality in which you are staying, and evacuate quickly.

Evacuation advise
There is increased possibility that a disaster may occur in the subject areas.
Please evacuate to an evacuation center for your protection.

Evacuation order
Please evacuate quickly to the evacuation center if you are staying in the subject area.

Information unavailable

Lifted evacuation orders/advises

Date and time lifted Subject area Type Number of households Number of people
2019/10/14 09:30 大洗町 Evacuation of the Elderly, Etc. 7,364 Household 17,727 People

Establishment status of evacuation center

Name Address Date and time of establishment Date and time of closing Number of evacuees Facility status
大洗町中央公民館 大洗町磯浜町6881-88 2019/10/12 09:00 2019/10/14 10:00 0   People
大洗町中央公民館 大洗町磯浜町6881-88 2019/09/08 16:00 2019/09/09 10:08 0   People
大洗町中央公民館 東茨城郡大洗町磯浜町6881-88 2018/09/30 15:00 2018/10/01 06:12 0   People
大洗町中央公民館 東茨城郡大洗町磯浜町6881-88 2018/08/08 15:00 2018/08/09 13:40 0   People
五反田集会所 大洗町五反田487 2017/10/22 15:00 2017/10/23 17:30 0   People
大貫集会所 大洗町大貫町64-412 2017/10/22 15:00 2017/10/23 07:25 0   People
上宿集会所 大洗町成田町16 2017/10/22 15:00 2017/10/23 07:25 0   People

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